Buyers Club

Buyers Club

Buyers’ Club
At Direct2Spain we look after our clients, right through from the first reservation fee through to receiving your keys. Details of our after sales service can be found at But we at Direct2Spain would like to provide our clients with the best possible service beyond the after sales service. We have called this our Buyers’ Club, because it is a service that we provide exclusively for people who have bought a property through Direct2Spain. We know that if we look after you, you will recommend us to your friends and family and will probably buy another property yourself. It is the best possible advertisement that we could get.

You will probably want to visit your property before completion, especially if it is a two year project. We are offering accommodation to our ‘buyers club (at a discount of 25% (subject to availability). See for details of our rental properties. This is exclusive for Direct2Spain Buyers’ Club members

With our specialised computer program, we can also help you to find the cheapest flights available, just telephone the office 0121 353 5525 with your dates and preferred airport. This is exclusive for Direct2Spain Buyers’ and is a free service

Rental Website entry
When you are ready to rent out your property we will add your property details to our web site. This is exclusive for Direct2Spain Buyers’ Club and is a free service (Video additional charge) We will co-ordinate your booking with property management team. For bookings that Direct2spain instigate there is a booking charge of 10%.

Additional Rental Booking Service
We are often asked to recommend properties for holiday rental and we pass these bookings on to members of our Buyers’ Club so that they can benefit from additional rental bookings. We will make the booking after first checking with the owner and then send the details and a cheque to the owner. We also ask owner to send us their excess bookings so that they can be passed on to other owner.

Property Management
Direct2Spain has set up its own property management service, exclusively for members of the Buyers Club see The area covered will be all of the La Manga Strip, Polaris World golf Resorts and the surrounding area. This will be managed by our dedicated team in Spain and will include key holding, laundry, maintenance, taxi, welcome packs. You will be allocated your own property manager who will be responsible for your property.

Our aim is to make it very easy for the owners to let their properties in the knowledge that their clients and their property will be well looked after.

Why are you doing all of this, when other companies don’t bother– I hear you ask?
We are very aware that there are some companies who are here today and gone tomorrow. They might make false promises in order to make a purchase and they are off to the next so called property ‘hot spot’ leaving a trail of clients behind them who have not yet completed the purchase of their property or have not had the after sales service that they would have expected. We have even heard from clients who are pestered at the airport on their way home being pestered to change their reservation to their company! This happens in all types of businesses not just property sales (double glazing and kitchen sales spring to mind!)
We want you to know the Direct2Spain is dedicated to promoting the beautiful Region of Murcia and we are here to stay. We will provide you with the best possible service throughout buying your property and way beyond. If you have any other ideas of how we can help you, please let us know.

Enjoy your property