Frequently Asked Questions

Q Who decided the price of the Polaris World properties, can I buy at a discounted price?
A Polaris World, the builders, set the price, this is the price that is in the purchase agreement. It is not possible for us (or any other agent) to discount this price.

Q Why should I buy a Spanish property through Direct2Spain?
A We offer a full service to our client, such as guided tour of the area, meeting with legal representative who will help with the purchase, obtain NIE numbers, make a Spanish Will. We will also help you to open a bank account, select your furniture etc as well as sending you regular Polaris World Golf Resort updates and photographs of you property as it develops. In fact we are here to ‘hold your hand’ and answer your queries, throughout the whole process of buying a property in Spain. For this we are paid a commission by Polaris World (which is not added on to the purchase price)

Q How do I know my money will be safe?
A You will be issued a Bank Guarantee for each payment (after the reservation fee). In the unlikely event of the company failing in their contract, your money will be refunded in full by the bank with interest.

Q Can I see an example of the builders’ work?
A Yes, there are show houses at Mar Menor Golf Resort, which show the excellent workmanship of the builders. You will also be issued with a 10 year guarantee for the building work.

Q Can I rent out my property all year round?
A Yes, we have our own Property Management service for all of our clients who buy a polaris world property, which will rent a golf apartment or rent a golf villa and take care of the changeovers, airport transfers etc. Or alternatively, you make these arrangements yourself. The Region boasts over 320 days of Sun per year and is an ideal climate for playing golf.

Q Why did you buy a property at La Torre Golf Resort, when you have so many properties on your website?
A This is a question that our friends and family have been asking since we returned from Spain having bought a 2 bed apartment on the golf course at La Torre golf resort, so we thought we would share our reasons with you.

1. We have sold other Polaris World properties and we like the way that this company operates. They bring in top international designers for the golf course (Jack Nicklaus) and the properties and use local construction companies to do the building work.

2. Our Spanish partners recommend the local construction companies involved in the project

3. We see the Polaris World Golf Resorts as the best investment property in Spain, with very attractive payment terms. Bank guarantee with each payment

4. Great rural location, 10 mins from Murcia airport, 15 mins from nearest beach and 30 mins from the beautiful Spanish city of Murcia.

5. There has been a massive investment of EC money into developing the roads in this area, which together with the availability of low cost flights into Murcia (San Javier) airport, make this part of Spain very accessible from the UK.

6. All year round rental opportunity, our apartment at La Manga now pays for itself with rental income.

7. 24 hour security, one entrance and entry with a security fence gives peace of mind for the protection of the property

8. Many amenities, including shops, swimming pool, restaurants etc.

9. This is a new development and will be the second golf course in a proposed project of 10 golf resorts in the area. There will be a shuttle bus between the courses so that visitors can play on a different course every day.

10. This investment (in our opinion) will give a better return than investing in a building society or the stock exchange and it is much more exciting.

Q Why buy two properties at La Torre Golf Resort ?
A We see this as a fantastic investment opportunity, which will not only increase our capital, but also give us a fabulous property for our own use and for rental purposes. The only way to have both benefits is to buy 2 properties and sell one before completion and use any increase in capital to purchase the other property. (Please note this is our opinion and there are no guarantees that the property will increase in price over a certain period!)

We have recently bought another Polaris World Property on the El Valle Golf Resort, we cannot give a better endorsement of Polaris World than investing our own money into another Polaris World Golf Resort.

Please contact us for more information, plans, prices etc and we will be delighted to assist you