Why Murcia

Why Murcia

Why has Direct2Spain chosen to promote Polaris World Golf Resorts and The Region of Murcia above all the other areas of Spain? This is a question we are often asked. There are quite a few answers !…

· 320 days of sunshine per year play golf all year round

· ‘One of the World Healthiest places to live’ – World Health Organisation

· Average temperature 17 degrees winter, 27 degrees summer an ideal climate for playing golf

· New road network funded by EC during the last three years

· Massive improvements in infrastructure funded by Town Halls and EC, 6,000,000 € was spent last year on an opening bridge at Tomas Maestre Marina and much more is planned in other areas to cater for the tourist.

· New Marinas being built at La Manga, Puerto Mazzaron,

· Low cost flights fly into Alicante and Murcia (San Javier) This has now opened up the region of Murcia as a weekend destination

· Cost of living is 30% less than UK

· Property prices are lower that in Costa Del Sol, Costa Blanca and Costa Brava

· Murcia is not overdeveloped as in other areas of Spain. Stricter planning regulations, do not allow massive urbanisations of concrete and high-rise buildings. (3 story limit)

· Many Spanish Fiestas in the Region of Murcia dating back to the Romans and before.

· Slower pace of live, with wonderful fresh food and wine

· Wonderful places to visit, both coastal and rural. Many hidden places of exceptional beauty to discover. Tourism is just starting to be developed

· In 2007 there will be a new International Airport at Corvera, which is south of the City of Murcia.. this will bring increased interest into the area.

· Construction has started on an extension of the motorway which runs from Alicante, through Murcia to Cartagena. This will cut the journey time down considerably from the airports to the Costa Calida South, making the property in this area, an excellent investment opportunity

· Many developers are moving from Costa Del Sol to the Region of Murcia as they see this as and area of great potential

· Polaris World are building 10 Golf Resorts in the Region of Murcia. Buying a property in Murcia Spain is one of the best investment properties presently available and Polaris World is a class leader in investment property in Spain. We see the region of Murcia becoming the Golf Capital of Spain.

· We love the area so much and we see it as having such great investment potential, that we have bought 5 properties here our selves. We have ‘put our money where our mouth is’!!